Company Profile

Company Profile

RUBS American BBQ was born out of love. Out of love for southern United States (two of our wives come from Texas), love for Southern BBQ (not to be confused with grilling), and the overall love of food. RUBS stands for Really Unique Barbecue Style because we’ve taken the best flavors and elements of each states barbecue style and combined them into one, pairing it with sweet Quebec Maple wood giving it a Quebec twist.

It all started with a trip to Texas where one of our pit masters discovered the delicious taste of a 14 hour smoked brisket. His senses were awakened to a new style of barbecue that he’d never had in Quebec before. From there, he travelled across the southern states taking notes, tips, and tricks from some of the best pit masters the south had to offer. Upon his return to Quebec, he bought a big Southern Pride smoker and turned his home kitchen into a test kitchen. Every weekend there was a new creation on the menu and all the family and friends would come to give their opinion of the food and flavors. The love of cooking for friends and family often spawned the question of, “why don’t you open a restaurant?”

Eventually, the idea for a restaurant was born and the 4 friends put their heads together for a business name and concept; American BBQ in Quebec that would showcase our sweet maple wood. Many ideas for menu items were tossed around and a test kitchen was in full operation. Although RUBS shakes up the menu a lot we have some key items that will always remain: smoked brisket, smoked chicken, smoked St.Louis ribs, and of course, our show stopped, the smoked beef ribs.

Come join us at any one of our locations and put a little south in your mouth. Discover why we love what we do so much.


At RUBS American BBQ we’ve cut out all the middle men and most importantly, all the freezers. We are what you would call farm to table when it comes to our meats. We proudly boast that we have no freezers besides a small one for ice cream because we want the food to be as fresh as possible for our customers. We also don’t believe in microwaving foods so you won’t find a microwave anywhere inside a RUBS location. In our early days, it wasn’t uncommon to come in and order a particular meal and be told that we had run out. Everything is smoked daily so we can’t just throw another brisket in as they are smoked for 14 hours! «use this for somewhere else!»

Quality and freshness mean everything to us. All our sauces and rubs mixes are made in house. Nothing is outsourced. We are in total control of the quality of our products and that is why we feel comfortable enough selling our rubs, spices, and sauces to our clients who want to be a pit master at home.

We don’t use any obscure or artificial ingredients you’ve never heard of, we don’t add any filler ingredients, and especially no MSG. Best of all, most of our rubs and sauces are gluten free. We believe in a farm to table concept, so all our ingredients arrive fresh to us and then we use it to prepare the freshest and finest sauces.

We also realize that not everyone has the same preferences when it comes to rubs and spices. Some love a sweet maple taste while others love a tangy vinegar-based sauce. Some love an intense heat loaded with flavors for their rubs while others like a little heat with a lot of flavors.

We’ve developed our Sauce Lab recipes based on our knowledge that everything you barbecue needs a perfect sauce. You can lean towards Kansas, Texas, Alabama, or anywhere else. What matters is the combination of spice, sweetness, and vinegar. It also matters what you’ve thrown into your smoker, is it chicken, pork, or beef? Are you marinating, dipping, drizzling, or coating? We’ve taken all the guess work out of it for you. Just come on in and let us know what you like and we can recommend a perfect pairing for you.

Caution: Our sauces are so good it will have your family and friends insisting that you host every barbecue of the season!